Saturday, June 13, 2009

DIY "Book Page" Hurricanes

Here is a super cute idea from The Treasured Petal! I think I may use this one for my own wedding!

DIY Hurricanes: Here are the DIY instructions I promised for the book page hurricanes I made for Julia and James’ wedding. Super easy!

(An excerpt from Little Women)

1.gather up some old books. Poetry books, old love stories, books that tie in with your theme or have special meaning to you as a couple. Picture books look especially sweet!
2.choose some pages, and scan them onto your computer.
resize them so that they will fill up the entire page in landscape when you print them.
3.print them onto vellum paper (Joann’s has 50 page packs for less than 10.00).
4.wrap around small cylinder vases (I used vases that were 8.5″ tall, or shorter, and 3.5″ in diameter). Use vellum tape, or clear double stick tape to secure.

These hurricanes are ideal if your venue forces you to use LED candles instead of real flames- the vellum paper camouflages the LED candle perfectly, and all you see is a warm glow illuminating the book pages. So romantic!

Take some time perusing the rest of her blog for some seriously beautiful flowers and all kinds of inspiration!

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